• Modern fleet, staff personnel, outstanding service and quality

Modern Group of Companies

As Modern Logistics & Advertising Co., we laid the foundations of reliable logistics service in 1982 in a small office in Topkapi with 3 vehicles. Since then, we continue to lead many innovations and to be the implementers of changes. With our modern fleet, experienced staff, superior service and quality understanding, we are proud of being preferred by the leading representatives of the business world and especially the financial sector.

With a decision taken in 2014; we have started to produce the advertising products we carry now. Starting from here, we laid the foundations of the modern advertising company, formerly known as Ellisekiz Reklam.

Thanks to this investment and formation, we have started to provide end-to-end service to the sector. Briefly; production, storage, transportation and installation / assembly services, thanks to our integrated companies to be able to do all the same and we are still proud of being the first and only in the industry. This dynamic structure we create creates a great comfort for our customers. Namely; These processes, which they previously managed with several stakeholders, are now managed through a single company. Therefore, they have significant advantages both in terms of operation and financial.

We always set out from the idea that the institutions and people we serve are worthy of the best of everything, we aim to provide excellence in the sector and to rise to the leader position in the sector.

We would like to thank all our employees, business partners and customers for their efforts and contributions in the successful results we have achieved.

Our Mission

To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously improving our product and service quality.

Our Vision

Our company is the national / international market to increase effectiveness and efficiency in order to constantly improving their methods in our own field of expertise, who pioneered the sector to be reliable and reputable organizations in Turkey.