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Industrial Advertising and Cabin Production

Modern Reklam is established in a 3000 m2 closed area production facility.

  • Advertising Boards,
  • Illuminated Sign, Exterior and Facade advertising applications, Facade cladding
  • Portable Cabin, ATM Cabin, Industrial Cabin
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Mobile cabinets for modern urban design
    • WC Cabinet
    • Taxi Stations
    • Milk Breastfeeding Rooms
    • Bus stops
    • Folk Bread Buffets

Foreign Export

Following our investments and initiatives in 2019, the production and export of specially designed cabinets for European and Middle Eastern countries started. The products we produce are produced and dispatched and assembled in accordance with the legal regulations of the relevant country.

  • Custom Design Buffet
  • Shopping Mall Stands